Picasa Tip: “Cancel unfinished operations?”

Question:  “I am new at Picasa 3. I have viewed your tutorials on the Basic editing.  I spent several hours adjusting my pictures on the computer.  This included cropping, light etc.  As advised in the tutorial, I would check apply and go back to library without saving.  When I went to close out of Picasa, I got the following message, “Closing Picasa will cancel unfinished operations. Do you really want to close? Yes or No”.

Now I am afraid of closing and losing the work I did.  What do I do – close and don’t worry – go back and save each one individually?  Help?  “

Answer:  The message you’re getting has nothing to do with the edits to individual photos.  It’s referring to other processes that you began and didn’t close … like importing photos from your camera, … or making a collage.

Look at the top part of your screen and see if you see multiple tabs:


Usually, when you complete an import, or a collage – these tabs close, and we never even notice they appeared in the first place.  When they get left over like this … just click on the tab to be sure there is nothing there that you do need to finish … then you can close the tab by clicking on the little x at the right side of it.

In any case, you can close Picasa without any worries about losing the work done on your photos.

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5 thoughts on “Picasa Tip: “Cancel unfinished operations?””

  1. I too have a problem with organizing photos in picasa. I have no problem either dragging photos or exporting to a file. The problem is what do you do to get rid of the photo or photos that are still left in file A when you have moved a copy to file B. I have tried to remove the original picture from file A by hitting the delete button , but that sends it into cyberspace & as far as I know can not be retrieved


  2. Hi – Was importing photos, the ‘exclude duplicates’ box was ticked, and chose ‘delete all from the camera after import’, but am new to Picassa and clicked import all. Apparently this overrides the ‘exclude duplicates’ choice, because I immediately saw that photos already downloaded in another folder (the duplicates) were being downloaded to the new folder. Thinking to start again, making sure that ‘exclude duplicates’ was working, I chose cancel operations, remembering that the photos are deleted from the camera AFTER the importing operation. BUT – to my surprise, ALL photos were gone from the camera! There were 900 or so photos – very strange that they were all so quickly erased…. I accepted that the new ones were lost (hurts less because don’t really remember what was there) – but this seems like something that should be explained or corrected? Maybe I’ll figure out what happened – or maybe someone can explain it to me. I am posting it here because I get the same message now, when I go to close Picassa – about unfinished operations – which gave me the hope that the photos lost might still be accessible somehow, that maybe someway i could continue the operation. But I think not, since the ‘Import’ tab shows zero photos….


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