Picasa Tip: Printing options, White Borders

The following tip is taken directly from our brand new Booklet, Beginner’s Guide to Picasa. You can have the whole printed booklet, for $34.00(shipping included) including the tutorial videos on a DVD. Order Here.

Shrink to Fit:You might notice a white border that you don’t like. This happens when a photo has been cropped to a size which doesn’t match the ratio of the print size. (see ‘Cropping’ earlier in this booklet). You can change the setting from ‘Shrink to Fit’ to ‘Crop to Fit.’ (Tutorial Video: Basic Edits)


Crop to Fit: For some photos, crop to fit will work fine, but watch out for what is being cropped. In this example photo, it doesn’t work – it needs to be set to ‘Shrink to Fit.’


In either case, Picasa is showing you exactly what you’re going to get from the printer – a wonderful feature.

Printing captions on borders: From the Print screen, click on Border and Text Options and you will see the following screen:(Tutorial Video: Printing Photos)


In the Caption area, choose Captions and Below Image and this will print your picture’s caption in the white border below the picture.

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9 thoughts on “Picasa Tip: Printing options, White Borders”

    1. ‘Print Layout’ is at the top where you specify 4X6. You need to specify 8.5X11 paper in order to get more than one 4X6 per page. The Videos will help.


  1. Is there a way I can upload the photos along with captions when I choose ‘print orders’? Like I want the captions to be printed on the photo when ordering thru say CVS photo center. Is this possible?


    1. Whether or not a caption shows up is a function at the viewing/printing end. So far, I haven’t seen any print services that have that ability. What you can do is use the Text tool to add the caption right on the picture before you upload it.


  2. OMG, doing it on each and every photo will be so much fun..
    Really, is there any chance you could develop nice menu option in menu, so we could nice and simple add white borders to all chosen pictures..?


  3. Please, please help!

    How to print 4 images on ONE sheet of A4 paper borderless?

    Printer CAN do this with bundled software but I like Picassa more!

    A4 dimentions are 210mm x 297mm, how can I print four photos 105mm X 147.5mm each on one page?


  4. Picasa WYSIWYG showed OK. Ratios OK. Still had narrow border on left and bottom of print (6×4). Printing out of other software OK. Printing direct from SD chip OK. Thanks for the effort


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