Picasa 3.9–Side by Side Editing

sidebysideIf you’re using Picasa 3.9, you will see three buttons above your picture in editing mode.  The A means you’re looking at one picture only – this is the normal view.  If you click AB you will be able to view two pictures side by side.  If you click AA you will be able to view one picture beside itself! 


Using the AA view, you can view the same picture twice and experiment with different settings.  It’s easy to see what you like and what you don’t by displaying them side by side.  When you’re finished experimenting, and you return to Library view Picasa will prompt you for which version you want to keep – Left or Right.

Watch the Geeks on Tour tutorial video Picasa 3.9 Side by Side Editing (for members only)

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Chris is a teacher. Although she comes as close to an expert as possible in many areas of computer usage, she can still remember what it's like not to know these things! That means she can communicate with students in a way that teaches and doesn't demean. She really enjoys teaching one-on-one and for groups of people, but she reaches a worldwide audience with her tutorial videos on the GeeksOnTour.com website. She currently travels the country in an RV with her husband, Jim. As Geeks on Tour, they present computer seminars at RV rallies, computer clubs, and Senior Centers all over the US.

8 thoughts on “Picasa 3.9–Side by Side Editing”

  1. Hi Chris
    I am not able to open your linke to watch geeks on tour tutorial videos since downloading Pacasa 3.9 can you tell me why please



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