Importing Pictures to Folders

I’ve heard people complain that they don’t like ‘where Picasa puts my pictures.’  hmmm – they obviously don’t understand Picasa very well because Picasa only imports pictures exactly where you tell it!  Picasa is just your tool for managing pictures in your computer’s folders.

Name your Folder Whatever You Want

When importing, use ‘Enter Folder Title’ instead of Date Taken or Today. It will create a folder underneath ‘My Pictures’ with whatever name you specify. (We will import NJ pictures from a camera card)


Add New Pictures to An Existing Folder

When importing again, you can use the same folder you just created by clicking on the dropdown in the first box. You can also import into any existing folder on your computer by clicking on ‘Choose…’


Renaming Existing Folders

It’s easy to rename folders you see in Picasa.  Just double click the folder name and you should see ‘Folder Properties’ Just overwrite the name and click OK.

Creating a New Folder

Picasa cannot create a new blank folder, but it can take an existing picture and create a new folder for it.  Just right-click on a picture and choose ‘Move to New Folder.’ You will be prompted for a folder name.  When you click OK, the folder will be created, and the picture will be in it.  Picasa can only deal with folders that contain at least one picture. 

Deleting Folders with Picasa

It’s as simple as right-clicking on the Folder icon in Picasa’s library and choosing Delete Folder.  You will get a confirmation message like “Are you sure you want to move the folder “New Jersey Visit” and its contents to the Recycle Bin?”  When you respond by clicking the ‘Delete Folder’ button, that’s exactly what it will do.  That folder is now deleted from your computer.

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Chris is a teacher. Although she comes as close to an expert as possible in many areas of computer usage, she can still remember what it's like not to know these things! That means she can communicate with students in a way that teaches and doesn't demean. She really enjoys teaching one-on-one and for groups of people, but she reaches a worldwide audience with her tutorial videos on the website. She currently travels the country in an RV with her husband, Jim. As Geeks on Tour, they present computer seminars at RV rallies, computer clubs, and Senior Centers all over the US.

9 thoughts on “Importing Pictures to Folders”

    1. As ‘Onion’ mentioned, you can’t delete a folder in Picasa without deleting it from your hard drive. But you can remove it from Picasa’s view. I think what you’re looking for is the Tools -> Folder Manager command. Then find the folder in question and click the red X – Remove from Picasa. See this video: in our Geeks on Tour Learning Library (


  1. Hi Chris,
    I am trying to make a new folder, but when I right click on the picture,
    I do not get “Move to new Folder”.
    How can I do it?



    1. I had that problem at first so I did this
      First I clicked Import after you name the folder whatever you want at the bottom and just import 1 picture from your camera,stick,or folder on my docs. so it won’t take so long
      When it uploads then go to library and drag your pictures to the new folder you just made and delete what you imported earlier.
      You can repeat these steps to add folders


    2. Andree,
      I think maybe you are looking at the picture in edit mode – just that single picture. You need to be in Library view – where you see lots of pictures – then right click on the picture in question, and you should see the Move to New Folder option.


  2. One thing to watch out for is deleting a folder while you’re in the “Flat Folder View.” Deleting a folder will ALWAYS delete that folder and any NESTED folders. If you’re deleting folders, you should switch to the “Tree View” (click View > Folder View to see the view options).

    Karen, the photos are on your hard drive – they are not “in” Picasa. It’s not possible to delete a folder from within Picasa and still retain the photos. Maybe you just want to rename the folder? If so, see the tip above.


  3. Great information, Thanks

    Can you tell me how to size a photo in a long skinny 12 X 6 inch vertical print using Picasa? I can get a long print but it prints out much smaller, like about 3 X 7 inch


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