Picasa Quiz 1: Picasa and Your Picture Files



32 thoughts on “Picasa Quiz 1: Picasa and Your Picture Files”

  1. It will be interesting to learn how little I actually know about Picassa. I appreciate all I learn from Geeks on Tour. I hope you keep up your good work for many, many years to come.


  2. I have the Beginner’s Guide on my kindle and reference it from time to time. I find PIcasa confusing and no longer easy to share because Google Plus has taken over. I have people who are serious about their privacy and can’t always get a link for just one or two family members.I have albums I can’t access the pictures. I do not find Picasa easy to use and will probably delete it as soon as I am sure I have uploaded or downloaded all the pictures into my picture folder. I did use your guide “have you backed up your pictures” so now all my pictures backed up, which I was able to do.
    Too complicated now!


    1. You can indeed share with just one person using Google+ – just use their email after the Share command. Or, if you want to go back to straight Picasa Web Albums, you can remove Google+ from your Google profile.


  3. Enjoy your classes at the FMCA rallies! Trying to put together an album and CD of our recent trip! Thanks for all your info!!


  4. I do enjoy ‘Picasa’ although I do get a little bogged down at times. I have too many duplicate photos but not sure what to do with them.



  5. I realize how much I do not know, I really would give any thing to use Picase better, I wish I live close to you. I have about 4 thousand pictures and I really would love to get them broken down into the right folder from my pictures to Picasa. I will take any of your suggestions. I also do not know how to put pictures to the album to share. I love your news letters. Thank you so much. One of the big things is how to make a contact sheet. Dee Zepp


    1. Hello Dee,
      Thanks for the kind words. We think the best way to learn Picasa is by watching our videos on GeeksOnTour.tv. You need to become a member – you can see what’s involved, including the cost at http://geeksontour.tv/join-now/. Members also have access to a Q&A forum where you can ask questions specifically for your situation and we promise to respond.
      As for contact sheets – try the Folder menu, then Print Contact sheet


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