Picasa and Google Photos

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Bad News: Google retired the Picasa desktop software on March 15, 2016. There will be no further updates on this product.

Good News: Since it is computer software, Picasa won’t go away. If you have it and use it, you can continue using it. If you don’t have it, there are ways to get it. Our book, this website, and our tutorial videos that teach how to use Picasa are still valuable resources for anyone who wants to use this wonderful software.

To peruse this site, we suggest you start by reading these posts: Find a Photo Tip, About Picasa, About Google Photos, About Geeks on Tour.

Meanwhile, we’ve started a new website just for Google Photos, check it out.

Here’s an article we found that is a pretty good, comprehensive list of alternatives to Picasa. The 10 Best Picasa Alternatives to use instead